Fibromyalgia Awareness

By  Deirdre RawlingsND, PhD, MH, CNC

Currently, there are no laboratory tests that can confirm a diagnosis of fibromyalgia. For the most part, fibromyalgia sufferers experience a variety of debilitating symptoms that seem to worsen over time and which often result in an endless line of doctor’s visits that bring neither relief nor answers. Fibromyalgia patients often go through a range of various prescriptions and over-the-counter medications which includes sleeping pills, anti-depressants, SRI’s, (non-steroidal) NSAIDs, and pain killers, as they search for understanding, reliable answers and proper care and treatment.

Current allopathic medical treatment methods for FM are not reliable nor are they the answer. Taking these drugs sets the patient up for a series of diminishing health-related problems and a cascade of adverse reactions and side effects that further diminishes health. This leads the sufferer meanwhile into depression and deeper exhaustion as they watch in despair while their lives unravel in a downward spiral of diminishing health.

The truth of the matter is there is no magic pill; the treatment isn’t found in a prescription medication or a drug. While some medications may offer short-term symptom relief, fibromyalgia seems to be mostly associated in one way or another with poor diet and nutritional deficiencies. What is mostly needed is changing the way you live and living in harmony with your genes. It is not using foods and or chemicals that are working against you genetically. It is a matter of eating foods and nutrients that are nourishing and building rather than those which upset our biochemistry and your body’s natural rhythm and balance.

In this way we tune into and become much more aware of the signals and the feedback that our bodies are always giving us. We become alert to any acute problems that occur before they have the potential to turn into chronic diseases—since this is the sequence and order of events. Acute upsets and health problems always precede chronic disease conditions and states. The body is a biological organism; it is a living creature and it is always providing you with feedback. In order to function and thrive there are some basic rules of biology that we have to follow. These are the laws of nature and if we do not follow them, then we are going to become sick.

To a large extent, our entire health and medical model needs updating. Rather than seeing each disease as isolated or as a separate occurrence, we must understand the entire organism from a holistic perspective. When we understand the origins of disease, and of biochemistry and genetics, we can do something about disease before it happens and in this way catch disease early and prevent them later on. However, in order to do this doctor’s need a new roadmap from which to operate.

What stands in the way of changes in our system are powerful pharmaceutical companies, medical technology companies, and special interest groups with enormous vested interests in the business of medicine. They fund medical research, support medical schools and hospitals, and advertise in medical journals. Such funding can sway the balance of opinion from professional caution to unhindered acceptance of a new therapy or drug. Doctor’s have their hands tied in their scope or range of healing options that are open to them. Doctors are not schooled in the areas of nutrition and preventive health measures but instead on how to make the right diagnosis. The whole system is set up to make as accurate a diagnosis as possible so you know what drug to prescribe, and while accurately naming a disease or disorder is important, we tend to confuse the name with the disease by thinking that the name is the disease. However, that is just a symptom of the real problem—it is only the name of the problem and not its cause. To a certain extent, we do not even need to know the name of the disease; we only need to balance our body chemistry and provide the body with all the necessary nutrients and nourishment that it lives on and requires daily in order to do its job of functioning and maintaining homeostasis (which is simply another word for ‘balance’).

When we provide the body with what it needs to function optimally, by eating properly, and by keeping the ratios of the minerals and vitamins in the proper proportions (both from our foods and supplements), the body will heal itself. Add to this a balanced lifestyle, exercise, and a healthy attitude and we can be free of many of our “modern” lifestyle maladies. Sickness can be viewed as an opportunity; it is a sign that there is some biochemical imbalance. It means the owner of the body was not careful (or perhaps was given poor advice) and was open to some virus, or germ, or degenerative disease that slipped in to tell the owner he was doing something wrong. Fibromyalgia is not something that suddenly occurs. It is in the making for a number of years and it’s brought about by lifestyle factors which can also be reversed.

We must look more closely at the whole person and address their lifestyle and dietary habits. We tend to put all our faith in a system whose main options of treatment are drugs and surgery. Drugs are not necessarily the right solution when your body has reached a state of chronic illness or disease.

At certain times they are necessary and useful, particularly in medical emergency situations but too often though, drugs are the first choice in the method of treatment and this can often harm more than heal. A drastic change in your diet and lifestyle habits is generally always necessary. More and more research is revealing that diet, nutrition, environment, lifestyle, habits, attitude and stress have a profound effect on our immunity and resistance to disease.

If your body is giving you symptoms and you’ve been diagnosed with some chronic disorder this is your signal that you are going to have to make some very definite changes to your lifestyle. You cannot expect to take a magic pill and revert back to the same lifestyle patterns you were living prior to your disorder and get well—it’s simply isn’t the way it works. This is an opportunity to make some welcome changes in your life. This may seem difficult or hard to do at first, but it’s like learning any new habit; it takes a while to become natural and fluid at it. Once you do, though, you grow yourself in a whole new way that’s even better than before.

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