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Rebuild Your Health & Recover Your Strength & Energy!


Deirdre Rawlings has the experience and expertise to guide you to greater health and vitality and help you to rid your body of the symptoms of fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue. She transformed her own life by taking personal responsibility for her health, and has helped countless others to do the same by changing the quality of your food, addressing underlying metabolic imbalances, and learning how to live in harmony with your body’s unique biochemical individuality and maximizing its innate wisdom.

She will share this insight with you and help you to get it into your life in simple, quick and easy ways. Learning how to eat to restore health and vitality will begin the process plus set the stage for a lifetime of success to follow.

Are you like so many people with fibromyalgia who…

  • Feel overwhelmed or exhausted by all of the symptoms and struggles you deal with each day because of fibromyalgia?

  • Have tried a variety of diets, supplements, or treatments, with little or no changes in your fibromyalgia symptoms and feel confused by all the conflicting information about what you’re supposed to eat?

  • Wish you had the right guidance or expert behind you who understands your health challenges, and struggles, and can help support you and to get the results you require to become well?

Here’s how you can do all that and more. Deirdre has taught countless others specific solutions to reclaim their health, increase their energy, restore balance and harmony, rid fatigue and pain, and to feel and look their absolute best — and she can help you too!

You can go from being fatigued, frustrated, exhausted, confused, and overwhelmed, to enjoying more energy, greater mental clarity, waking up each morning feeling refreshed and revitalized, no early morning drug hangover, having a lot less or no pain at all, and feeling empowered because you finally have the right support, guidance, and program.

You can rebuild your health and recover your strength and energy with good nutrition and balanced eating and experience immediate soothing relief from fibromyalgia pain and be on your way to complete transformation and healing and Deirdre will show you how.

This is where you and I go one-on-one to get down to the core of your symptoms, your pain, fatigue, your diet, your lifestyle, your goals and your ultimate wellness vision.

These intensive sessions focus squarely on you and your health matters. I will guide you to achieving improved health, strength, and energy. With your participation I will guide you to achieving elimination of symptoms, shining the spotlight on the attainment of your permanent fibromyalgia relief, and other health goals.

Since every person is unique, you’ll receive coaching and health strategies based on your particular symptoms, personal metabolism, and individual requirements. Each of these sessions evolves based on your biochemical uniqueness and your individual health and lifestyle needs.

We will move forward so you can set and achieve your goals. I’ll help you evaluate what you want to change and then help you make realistic and achievable objectives that will create a pain-free, clear-thinking, energetic life for you, which will open up all sorts of new possibilities.

Throughout the program I will be your coach and you’ll be encouraged to do the tasks, make progress, and achieve the goals that you have set for yourself. Together we will stay on track!

What kind of goals:

  • Eliminating symptoms such as pain, muscle spasms and cramps, fatigue, insomnia, Candida & yeast infections, IBS, and digestive disorders.
  • Repair Leaky Gut Syndrome, Restore hormonal balance, address thyroid disorders, Rid unwanted parasites, restore digestion, absorption, and proper nutrition that’s behind many of your symptoms.
  • Lose weight normally and naturally (or gain it if needed).
  • Identify and remove food intolerances and allergy causing substances.
  • Replace your current diet with one that truly nourishes your metabolism and restores cellular energy.
  • Increase your energy and stamina.
  • Get you sleeping soundly and restoratively every night.
  • Incorporate regular exercise that’s enjoyable, easy, and fun to do.
  • Discover the most delicious health-promoting foods.
  • Figure out binge triggers and how to disarm them.
  • Learn about your unique biochemical uniqueness and how to feed yourself for optimal metabolism and balance.
  • Learn how to order in restaurants and enjoy food in all social situations.
  • Plan simple, quick and easy menus even if time seems limited.
  • Create a successful lifestyle.
  • Incorporate new healing modalities into your life.
  • Reclaim your health

As a result you’ll be healthier and feeling much more alive and whole that you’ll be truly amazed at the metamorphosis that’s taken place. This will also create a domino effect of other positive transformations in your life, spiritually, emotionally, everything! With your attention no longer being focused on Fibromyalgia pain or symptoms you will be able to focus on other more fun and exciting areas of your life.

This is powerful stuff and not for everyone. But if you’re serious about changing things in your life then this is for you!


The good news is that you can improve from fibromyalgia and I’ll walk you through that process step-by-step and show you how!

Your Solution with Deirdre Rawlings Includes:

  • Three x 50-minute phone sessions per month, (plus a follow-up call one month after completion to check in on progress with your health goals and wellness status).
  • A Complete Metabolic Assessment and Nutrition Questionnaire with comprehensive Analysis.
  • Food Discovery Action Guide & 21-Day Journal to help you identify your particular food sensitivities and food intolerances. Know the food allergy / food intolerance link to your health and symptoms.
  • Comprehensive Personalized Diet Guides specific to your metabolism and dietary needs (includes gluten-free guide, dairy-free guide, yeast-free guide, less-common food sensitivity guide)
  • Food Substitutions Guide to help you know what foods to replace your reactive foods with.
  • Use weekly handouts & e-manual pages to go deep into the messages presented, finding your personal connection and breakthroughs in the messages as it relates to your personal experience in dealing with fibromyalgia (everyone is different and individual). Use these workbook pages in-between the calls and thereafter to get the most from the program.
  • Monthly Menus to fit your metabolism, lifestyle and your health goals.
  • A Personalized Shopping list, Dining Out & Restaurant guides
  • Recipes and natural food therapies to alleviate symptoms and conditions
  • E-mail support (72 hour turnaround).
  • Personalized and individual attention and support (Please Note: I work with only a select number of private clients at any time in order to give each client the maximum attention and service that they require and to service their needs optimally).

Available additionally for your optimum support:

  • Recommended Comprehensive Blood Chemistry Screening Analysis. The panel includes lipids, thyroid, kidney and liver panels, as well as glucose, minerals, a complete blood count, fluids and electrolytes, cardiovascular risk factors, hemoglobin A1C, and Vitamin D. (Add $157 for blood work)
  • Booklet summarizing the blood screening, results, and consultation, with you. (Only available when you add blood work and as part of your V.I.P. Personalized Coaching).
  • Recommendations for further testing, diet and supplementation.

Are you ready to turn your health and your life around? Please join me as I personally guide and support you through the steps that will help you to Eat to Beat Fibromyalgia during this powerful 90 Day one-on-one V.I.P. personalized coaching system that teaches you how to increase your energy, balance your metabolism, and free yourself from the pain that accompanies fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome and reclaim your health and vitality.

One of the keys to rebuilding your health is to build a support program around yourself. This allows you to maintain your momentum and enables you to get your whole self back into full balance and rhythm. The other major factor involved in ridding your fibromyalgia symptoms and taking back control of your health and your life is through your body’s unique biochemistry, which we will be doing throughout, and using food and holistically balanced nutrition as our main weapons that will start winning back your confidence and your equilibrium starting from day one.

I think it is time for you to reach your maximum health potential and for you to break free from symptoms and health restrictions that fibromyalgia may have thrown at you. With this program, you will be heading in the direction that will lead towards your optimum health and vitality. The results will speak for themselves as you become incredibly healthier and revitalized each day.

Let go of being fearful or any excuses we may buy into that support us in staying sick and tired any longer. Stop telling yourself that you will simply have to live with fibromyalgia or that there is nowhere to go. There is healing and nourishment awaiting you and I’m here to support and guide through this healing journey.

No goal is too big for what I am about to teach you and the steps I am about to walk you through that will lead to your wellness. Did you know that many people suffering with fibromyalgia have been healed through proper balanced nutrition?

What I am telling you is that there is a way through and out. Take this step with me and I will show you that peace and healing from fibromyalgia is possible.

I am honored to bring you the Eat to Beat Fibromyalgia powerful 90 Day one-on-one V.I.P. Personalized coaching system that is created especially to address your needs.



I’m a 46 year old female and I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia some 8 or so years ago. At the time I was working as an artist doing murals and painted finishes and was very active. Over a few years I started having more and more pain and health problems. Eventually, about 3 years ago, I became completely house ridden. There were days when I couldn’t get out of bed from the pain and fatigue. It was horrible! I lived, or rather existed, this way for 3 years. Taking the standard combination of pain meds and antidepressants for the fibromyalgia. Working with Deirdre has had an amazing impact on my health. I was under enormous stress, dealing with an alcoholic husband, amid other serious financial issues.

Within a few short months of working with Deirdre I have undergone some amazing changes that I would not have thought possible previously. So far I have been able to change my living environment to one which now serves me and my health,I am eating well, taking supplements, getting regular exercise. But most of all, the huge amount of stress is gone. In this short time, I have stopped taking pain medication completely. I haven’t had any bouts of fatigue in weeks and I’m much more active again. I even had the energy to paint a mural at a local garden center!

I don’t need study results to tell me that what Deirdre taught me is true. I was holding in an enormous weight and it came out into my body violently! People with fibromyalgia tend to get pretty upset when someone says, ‘it’s in your head.’ Specially since doctors told patients with fibro that for years. Fibro is most definitely NOT in your head. It is horrible and disabling! But for me, the huge amount of stress I was in caused an epic flare up. Changing the foods that seemed to cause issues and flares and stopping eating bread and certain raw vegetables has helped me a lot too!

– Elisabeth Hammond (Artist and painter)


“As someone who has suffered with chronic pain and insomnia for several years, the immediate change that I noticed was my increased energy and I lost weight very quickly. Within the first week I had less pain and was able to sleep through the night without waking — this was the first time in months. I would recommend working with Deirdre to anyone suffering from an auto-immune disease, or anybody that has poor nutrition and is looking for a healthy start.”

– Amanda Grant (Business owner)


“I am proof positive that healthful living works. I have had fibro for years and struggled like crazy tried a variety of meds and struggled with the myriad of side effects. Finally, last year, I got the missing piece of help I needed and assistance with eating healthful foods, supplements, exercise (as you are able) has dramatically made a difference in my life. I am now off of all meds and while I still experience pain and symptoms, I can tell I haven’t been on top of my diet and/or supplements/exercise. Oh! I went from being bed ridden for two years to graduating with a BS in summer. Thanks Deirdre for your insights and attempting to help those who have an open mind and heart.”

– Gail Forrester (Mother of two)


Get ready to experience powerful transformation and positive breakthroughs!

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