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I have struggled with a hypersensitive immune system my whole life. At only 23 years old, I have had my tonsils removed due to 3-5 annual bouts of strep throat and tonsillitis, as well as fought yeast infections, viral infections, countless colds and kidney stones. I used to joke that if someone so much as sneezed near me I would be bed-ridden for a week.

Dr. Deirdre Rawlings pinpointed my deficiencies and found that I was gluten-intolerant within our first meeting. She helped me understand how my intolerance for gluten affects my body and creates a barrier that does not allow me to absorb the essential nutrients I need for a healthy immune system.

After years of doctor appointments, quick antibiotic “fixes,” and the overall frustration of trying to constantly pump my body full of vitamins that were never properly absorbed, I finally feel great! I have been gluten free for more than three months and have never felt better! Deirdre Rawlings is compassionate about helping people get to the source of their sickness and treat it from the inside out.

Her methods work and I am a testimony to how nutrition can change not only your health, but your life.

Brittni C.
Peachtree City, Georgia


Knowing Sue and reading Sue’s book, FibroWHYalgia, has changed the way I look at life with chronic illness. I feel empowered to make changes in my life that will benefit my health and well-being in all areas. I credit Sue and her book with a lot of the hope I have for my future as a person living with fibromyalgia.
– Amy K.

One thing I can tell you is that if I had not been doing your program, I truly believe I wouldn’t have been able to be such a help and support to my husband in starting his new business! I couldn’t imagine working this hard 8 months ago, much less a year ago! What you do is amazing and the information you share through your programs, free seminars and Facebook posts literally changes lives. You’ve made an immeasurable difference in mine and I will be forever grateful.

– Christi C. Texas


“As someone who has suffered with chronic pain and insomnia for several years, the immediate change that I noticed was my increased  energy and I lost weight very quickly.  Within the first week I had   less pain and was able to sleep through the night without waking —   this was the first time in months.  I would recommend working  with Deirdre to anyone suffering from fibromyalgia or an auto-immune disease, or anybody that has poor nutrition and is looking for a healthy start.”

– Amanda G. (Business owner)


I’m a 46 year old female and I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia some 8 or so years ago. At the time I was working as an artist doing  murals and painted finishes and was very active. Over a few years I started having more and more pain and health problems. Eventually, about 3 years ago, I became completely house ridden. There were days  when I couldn’t get out of bed from the pain and fatigue. It was horrible! I lived, or rather existed, this way for 3 years. Taking the standard combination of pain meds and antidepressants for the fibromyalgia.

Working with Deirdre has had an amazing impact on my health.  I was under enormous stress, dealing with an alcoholic  husband, amid other serious financial issues.  Within a few short   months of working with Deirdre I have undergone some amazing changes that I would not have thought possible previously.  So far I have been able to change my living  environment to one which now serves  me and my health, I am eating well, taking supplements, getting  regular exercise.  But most of all, the huge amount of stress is gone.  In this short time, I have stopped taking pain medication completely.  I haven’t had any bouts of fatigue in weeks and I’m  much more active again.  I even had the energy to paint a mural at a  local garden center!

I don’t need study results to tell me that what Deirdre taught me is true.  I was holding in an enormous weight and it came out into my  body violently!  People with fibromyalgia tend to get pretty upset  when someone says, ‘it’s in your head.’  Specially since doctors  told patients with fibro that for years.  Fibro is most definitely NOT in your head.  It is horrible and disabling!  But for me, the  huge amount of stress I was in caused an epic flare up.  Changing  the foods that seemed to cause issues and flares and stopping eating bread and certain raw vegetables has helped me a lot too!

– Elisabeth H. (Artist and painter)


I am proof positive that healthful living works. I have had fibro for years and struggled like crazy tried a variety of meds and struggled with the myriad of side effects. Finally, last year, I got the piece of eating healthful foods, supplements, exercise (as you are able) has dramatically made a difference in my life. I am now off of all meds and while I still experience pain and symptoms, I can tell I haven’t been on top of my diet and/or supplements/exercise. Oh! I went from being bed ridden for two years to graduating with a BS in summer. Thanks Deirdre for your insights and attempting to help those who have an open mind and heart.

— Mary F.


After I began taking out a lot of the additives in my diet, such as aspartame and MSG, I began to notice a huge difference.  I started shopping on the outside part of the grocery store where all the veggies and meats were and avoided pre-packaged foods that were full of bad things in them.  I lost about 60 pounds and I was walking to the store a few days a week (at one time I had problems just walking from room to room!).

I want people to know that fibromyalgia is not a life sentence of eternal pain. Sometimes the answers are not always the majority and you have to step outside the box to find the answers. Surround yourself with people that want to get better and are getting better. Just because a doctor tells you to do something it is not always in your best interest. It is so much easier to just pop a pill and hope it will make you better but until you start doing things to heal your body nothing will change. You body is your biggest asset! If you do not have your health it will affect every other part of your life. Invest in your health! You are worth it!

– Jen R.

I’ve been having SO much fun experimenting since I went almost completely organic, gluten, dairy, soy and sugar free.  It’s really not all that hard and SO SO good and healthy!  I’m beginning to think that it shouldn’t matter whether someone has tested to be food intolerant.  I believe that everyone should be eating this way.  I’m sure you’d agree.  It may be a little hard at first, but afterward it just makes so much sense!

–Sue B.

“In 2005 I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia syndrome.  For the past seven years, since the birth of my only child, I have been chronically ill. My symptoms included joint and muscle pain, fatigue, depression, abdominal distress, migraines, asthma, eczema, pressure hives, chills, hot flashes, anxiety, and chronic cough, and erratic menstrual cycles with severe cramps. Two months ago I met Dr. Dee. After her session and discussion about Candida I changed my diet, started taking vitamins and supplements to control the yeast, and started feeling better. My hives have subsided completely, I breathe better, have hardly any joint pain, and I am no longer depressed or anxious.

I had seen many conventional doctors who didn’t have a clue as to what was wrong. I had test after test to no avail. I had been on more medication than most people ever heard of, primarily steroids, asthma inhalers, anti-depressants, and antihistamines, none of which ever worked. I know it will take time to undo the damage that these drugs caused, but I strongly feel I am now on the road to recovery without medication. I just wish I had met Dr. Dee several years and eleven doctors ago. Thank you Deirdre.”

- Geraldine S. — May 2009

“Deirdre Rawlings’ approach to helping me to heal from fibromyalgia is logical, systematic, and doable.  I have witnessed substantial improvements each week by following her system and guidelines.  I am also a borderline type 2 diabetic and my blood tests have improved since starting her program.  My weight is down and my energy is great.  I feel more in control of my life and look forward to continuing to improve.”

- TameraJ. , Lab technician and mother of two

“So here is a little summary of the little changes I have made since I have been working with you -

I am off the coffee
I am off the diet coke
I am off the hypertension meds
I am off the antidepressant meds
I am hooked on coconut oil and apple cider vinegar.
I am craving spinach and kale
I am not craving sweets/ or binging on chocolate.
My taste buds and sense of smell have increased
I love the dense whole grain rye bread with cashew butter
I am cooking much more – and enjoying it
After doing a deep cleansing on my pantry
And my fridge, and my belly, I’m Sleeping better with happy dreams
Much less anxiety.

Thank you for my new life!”

- Anonymous, Atlanta, January 2008

“Deirdre offers powerful coaching and transformational listening. Over the course of six months of bi-weekly individual sessions she helped me break through many old patterns of eating, thinking, and being. Each session inspired and empowered me to make life-altering changes in my life. I always felt seen and heard, as well as challenged to reach for the next level of possibility. I am forever grateful for our partnership in healing and transformation and recommend her counseling and care to anyone seeking powerful, compassionate, and holistic coaching and change in nutrition, lifestyle, and well-being.”

- Virginia M. — Atlanta, August 2008

“For the first time in, actually ever since I can remember, I have lost interest in sweets!! We’re talking amazing here. Till now I would have to have something sweet on a daily basis. Now, I’m not interested. Also I haven’t experienced the usual 3:30 daily “low” that I had grown accustomed to and usually had to handle — with something sweet!  The best part of all, I got these phenomenal results after only three visits with Deirdre. So it’s good you’re reading this because she’s the best.” 

- Deborah G.  — June 2008

“Deirdre has a way of simplifying things that seemed complicated to me before working with her. Her energy is always positive and she is so supportive. Every time I talked with Deirdre, I came away with at least one new idea to incorporate into my life.  I have more energy and excitement about my day-to-day life and future!”

- Diane C. — Actor & dancer, Atlanta, GA.

“Meeting Deirdre Rawlings has truly changed my life. She has opened my eyes to simple truths about health and wellness and helped me to focus on the areas of my life that are most crucial to my well-being: diet, exercise, and my authentic self. I used to regard my body as something that was constantly breaking down and in dire need of frequent tune-ups consisting of over the counter pain medication. Deirdre has shown me that my body is a wonderful machine that will heal itself if I give it the proper fuel – nutritionally and spiritually.”

- Sylvia T. — Atlanta, GA

“I have a much better understanding of how foods affect my life and my body. I’m cooking a lot more and spending a lot more time in the grocery store. I think more about meals and how certain menus will affect me in the course of the day. My moods are more stable and my sleeping through the night has totally improved.” 

- Deborah S, Business Owner

“Working with Deirdre has helped me to focus on the areas of my life that are most crucial to my well-being: diet, exercise, and the soul.  When I look back at who I was before we started and who I am now, the transformation is amazing.   Thanks to Deirdre, my overall awareness has grown, and my outlook on good health has changed forever for the better.  I am truly grateful for this new outlook and the new me who has emerged.”

- Trevor H. – Business coach, Atlanta, GA.

“As far as my nutrition goes, I am feeling so great! I have already lost 7 lbs. I have yet to get sick and I have so much energy! I am happy almost all of the time now and I have made even more life changes. At all of the holiday meals I went to, I never filled my plate, ate a lot of vegetables, I had no deserts, and I only ate small helpings and never went back for seconds. I found out that I can enjoy those foods every once in a while and not gorge myself. So all in all everything is going pretty good. So, I just wanted to give you an update and I look forward to hearing from you.”

- Toni B. — December 2009


I feel more energy, lighter, happier and my color in my face is much clearer. Also, I have received so many compliments on how good I look! Having someone like Deirdre Rawlings to learn from and look up to is a gift indeed.

– Jodie D.

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