Bodywork for Detoxification

Exercise has significant influence on detoxification.

women exercise fms Exercise speeds up removal of toxins through perspiration.  Sweating helps expel toxins through the skin, your body’s largest organ of elimination.  Exercising to the point of perspiration offers overheating therapy benefits, too.  Tests show that when athletes sweat, for example, they excrete potential cancer causing elements, like heavy metals and pesticide PCBs from their bodies through perspiration.

 – Exercise stimulates removal of toxins through deep breathing.  Low impact aerobics help build a stronger diaphragm and elasticize your lungs.

 – Exercise stimulates metabolism, especially before you eat, to aid in weight loss. Exercise uses up stored body ft.  Calories are burned at a greater pace for several hours after you exercise.

 – Exercise stimulates the circulatory system, lowering blood pressure and preventing heart disease by increasing blood flow.  New heart endurance tests show exercise strengthens your circulatory system right down to your capillaries…even forming new ones!

 – Exercise stimulates the lymphatic systems.  Blood is pumped through your body by your heart, but lymphatic fluid depends solely on exercise for circulation.  Lymph function is critical to your body’s ability to cleanse itself.

 – Exercise reduces stress by increasing body oxygen levels.  It improves your mood while you purify.  Endorphins, the body’s “feel good” hormones, are released into the brain by vigorous exercise, explaining the “high” people often experience after exercise.

 – Exercise prevents disease.  We know disease often results from an under active body.  Almost any kind of exercise transports oxygen and nutrients to your cells while it carries away toxins and wastes to your elimination organs.

 Exercise recommendation for your cleanse:

1)         During initial, heavy cleansing – simple, body-balancing, yoga, and stretching exercises.

2)         During the rest of your cleanse – low-impact, aerobic exercise, like a walk or an easy swim for better circulation and lymph activity, or yoga.

3)         For your maintenance program, strengthening exercise (like a daily walk, swim or equipment work out).  A moderate exercise program that raises your heartbeat

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