The Link Between Diet, Nutriton and Fibromyalgia

fruit with link fibromyalgia2It has been recognized for many years that diet is an important factor in the onset or proliferation of human disease, as well as in prevention.  Chemicals in food interact with biochemical pathways at the molecular level—for example, such as blood/sugar, cholesterol, and various proteins—and demonstrate a direct cause-and-effect relationship between health and disease.  There is increasing evidence to show that diet and nutrition plays a major role in the reduction of FM symptoms.  In fact, some of the latest FM and other rheumatic or immune compromised disorders therapies frequently use nutrition and diet modification.  The inclusion or exclusion of specific foods is one of the most successful approaches used today.

The role of diet and nutrition in the treatment of FM has been the subject of a small but growing body of research, particularly in Scandinavian nations, with results showing benefits in pain reduction, sleep quality, and general health.  Removal of anti-nutrients from the diet (such as caffeine, alcohol, sugar, preservatives, chemicals, and others) and the addition of foods high in antioxidants, minerals and vitamins derived from a raw, or live foods vegetarian/vegan diet have had a profound effect and increase in quality of health in every case. 

By improving the diet with balanced nutrition, we address the problem from its source and this approach is less likely to introduce toxic elements than standard allopathic therapy.  The implementation of proper nutrition and dietary modification methods is also a comparatively low-cost and potentially effective treatment method particularly as conventional treatments do not work for all sufferers and drugs often cause many adverse reactions and side effects.

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