Emotional Stress Overload: Helping Yourself

depression1Haven’t you ever seen a distraught person holding his head in his hands? Or when overcome by great surprise, how we often instinctively hit the forehead with our hand? 

The body does not perform these instinctive acts by mistake On the skin of the forehead are located neurological “circus; breakers” which are associated with mental and emotional stress overload. Just as when there is a power overload in your house, and a circuit breaker blows, a similar pattern takes place m the body when it encounters an overload of mental or emotional factors. And just as we may easily reset the circuit breaker m our house, so may we reset the emotional stress overload circuit in the body.

Dr. George Goodheart, the founder of applied kinesiology made the first observations of these emotional stress overload circuits (at the time he called them “emotional neurovascular reflexes”) in 1968. He found that lightly holding these areas with the fingers could act as a treatment to reset these circuits. The contacts should be held until a slight pulsation (like taking your pulse on your wrist or your neck) is felt in both fingers simultaneously. This usually takes from 30 seconds to a couple minutes. Once the pulsation is felt, the contacts may be held for a few more seconds and then released. The procedure is then complete.

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