So You Got Sick Anyway?

Here’s what to do about it-

No matter how hard we try to avoid them, serious illnesses and the need for surgery do arise on occasion. This is often more painful when it happens to a loved one and we must watch them suffer. The following recommendations are general guidelines for “good” and “bad” health habits, but whose importance becomes amplified during the recovery from or surgery when the body’s reserves are stressed, often to their maximums. By applying these principles at such times when your body faces an increased burden, your total stress load can be lowered. Then the body can concentrate on the healing process rather than dealing with the stresses you are putting in your mouth.

How To Speed Your Healing

1. Avoid anything processed—especially partially hydrogenated fats and oils and anything containing them. Also canned fruits and vegetables. The saying “Anything God made is OK, anything man touched is not” can apply here.

2. Eat a moderate amount of natural fats—as occurs in trimmed red meats, a few nuts, a little dairy including yogurt and even a tattle butter. (If you have gall bladder trouble, ask your doctor about this.)

3. Keep the bowels working regularly by eating complex carbohydrates. (This means carbohydrates in their natural, unprocessed forms.) Naturally occurring fiber helps to keep the bowels active. This includes fresh vegetables and fruits, including the skins, whole grains and brown rice, etc.

How To Slow Your Recovery!

Often without knowing it, people break the healthy rules and can actually slow their recovery process. Here’s how:

1. Eat plenty foods which contain partially hydrogenated oils. These include chips, and plenty of them, margarine and commercial peanut butters to name a few.

2. Eat plenty of high fat foods such as cheese, nuts and nut butters (even natural ones), cream and creamed foods like potatoes and untrimmed red meats, especially bacon.

3. Eat a lot of simple carbohydrates and sugars. Including everything white: bread, rice, sugar, etc. Also some of the all time favorites—gelatin dessert, canned fruit in syrup, soft drinks and sugared fruit juices.

4. Worry a lot about everything else in your life which has probably contributed to getting you sick in the first place.

Most people have tremendous control over their own health. Being aware of it is the first step to better health and rapid recovery from illness.

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