Stress Management Activities during the Workday

  • Incorporate short bursts of exercise and physical activity in your day.exercise
  • Take a stress management class at work or through your health plan.
  • Incorporate deep breathing exercises throughout the day. Breathe in through the nose; breathe out through the moutn.  Make each breath last as long as possible.
  • While at work – get up and walk around frequently; stand while talking on the telephone, stretch your neck, arms, back for a couple of minutes.
  • Incorporate stretching exercises throughout the day. Stretch muscles that are tight, or just stretch because it feels good
  • Relax your shoulders, a common place that people (especially computer users) hold tension. To release your shoulders, hunch them up by your ears and quickly release them as far down as they go. You may need to do these 2 or 3 times to really relax them. 
  • Use your commute to and from work to read a book, listen to a CD, or listen to relaxation tapes with sounds of the ocean.
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