Stress Management Activities for Evenings and Weekends

music fibromyalgia2•  Listen to music that makes you feel good or reminds you of a joyous time in your life.

• Take a time management course.

• Clean or organize clutter.

• Get more sleep. If you can’t sleep later in the morning, go to bed an hour earlier.

• Learn how to meditate with a book, tape, teacher, or class. Meditate daily.

• Wind down with a yoga, tai chi, or stretching class, or videotape.

• Reduce work on weekends or take a weekend off. Go for long walks, or plan some active outings with family or friends, like walks or bike rides together.

• Take a relaxing, hot bath. Turn off the phone.

• Dance to your favorite music at home, any time of day, alone or with family and friends.

• Do something nice for someone else–a friend, family member, stranger, or colleague.

• Spend time playing with a child or a pet.

• Make time for friends, family, and fun, and occasionally do it spontaneously.

• Drink a soothing drink, such as chamomile tea, in the evening.

• Get a therapeutic massage.

• Find a support network: a group of people you can confide in and turn to for sympathy and solutions.

• Read a book or listen to a tape on stress management or another self-help topic that would enrich your life.

• Make time for a hobby that is very different from what you do in your work-life.

• Find reasons to celebrate life every day.

• Find reasons to fall in love with life and with yourself.

• If stress overwhelms you, work with a therapist on understanding the cause of your stress and learning tools for dealing with it.

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