Benefits of Juicing

carrot juice fibromyalgia natural food groupsBenefits:
* Juice therapy offers a balanced away to supplement the diet.
* It stimulates the immune system
* Reduces blood pressure
* Aids in detoxification
* Protects the body from harmful environmental factors
* Ideal remedy for individuals suffering from nausea or digestive problems.

Nutritional Qualities:
* Concentrated energy
* Rich in vitamins, minerals and carbohydrates
* Allows for large quantities of vegetables to enter the digestive system.
(5 pounds of carrot make one quart of juice)

Things you should know:
* Vegetable juice oxidizes rapidly and should be consumed within 20-30 minutes of       juicing.
* Fruit juices remain stable for longer periods of time but still should only be          stored for a few hours.
* Juices are a great “pick me up” for the mid afternoon slump.
* Apples are the only fruit that should ever be combined with vegetables in juices.
* Beet juice should only be used in very small quantities; 1/4 cup maximum.
* A slight yellow tint to your skin is normal if you drink carrot juice daily.
* Ginger added to juices improves your ability to absorb nutrients from juices. A     little is all you need. ¼ – ½ ” slice of fresh ginger per glass.
* Cabbage juice is great for stomach irritations like ulcers.
* If you have blood sugar imbalances you may want to dilute your juices 1:1 with       filtered water.
* Juice “fasts” are a great way to cleanse and detoxify the body.

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