Effects of common foods on the body’s acid/alkaline balance

Acid Foods Neutral Foods Alkaline Foods

Avoid These                                     Eat These                             Always Eat These

All antibiotics                                     Apples                                    Baking soda

All fried foods                                    Apricots                                  Blackberries

Artificial sweeteners                           Bananas                                   Broccoli

Beef                                                  Beans – fresh & dried              Cantaloupe

Beer                                                  Blueberries                              Cinnamon

Butter                                                Buckwheat                              Diakon radish

Carob                                               Cauliflower                              Endive

Casein                                               Carrots                                   Garlic

Cheese incl. processed                       Cherries                                 Grapefruit

Chicken                                             Dates                                     Honeydew

Cocoa, chocolate                               Eggplant                                 Kale

Coffee                                                Eggs – chicken, duck             Kohlrabi

Corn                                                  Figs                                        Lentils

Jam, jelly                                           Fish                                         Limes

Ice cream                                          Goat cheese                            Mangos

Lard                                                  Grapes                                   Mineral water

Lobster                                              Honey                                    Molasses

Mussels                                              Lemons                                 Mustard greens

Nuts                                                   Lettuce                                  Nectarines

Oat bran                                             Maple Syrup                         Onions

Oils – hydrogenated                            Milk – cows, goat                  Papayas

Peas – green, snow                             Oatmeal                                 Peppers

Pork                                                   Organic olive oil                     Poppy seeds

Rye                                                     Organic flaxseed oil                Raspberries

Soybeans, soy milk                              Oranges                                 Sea salt

Sugar                                                   Peaches                                 Sea vegetables

Veal                                                     Pears                                     Soy sauce

Pineapple                               Sweet potatoes

Plums                                     Tangerines

Pumpkin                                 Watermelon

Raisins                                    Yams

Rice – wild, brown



Source: Colgan Institute, San Diego, CA.


Almonds                                   Dates                           Peaches

Apples                                      Figs, dried                    Pears

Apricots                                   Grapefruit                     Pineapple

Avocados                                 Grapes                         Potatoes, sweet

Bananas                                   Green beans                 Potatoes, white

Beans, dried                             Green peas                   Radishes

Beet greens                              Lemons                         Raisins

Beets                                        Lettuce                         Raspberries

Blackberries                              Lima beans                   dried Rhubarb **

Broccoli                                    Lima beans                    green rutabagas

Brussels sprouts                        Limes                            Sauerkraut

Cabbage                                   Milk, goat’s*                 Soy beans, green

Carrots                                     Millet                             Spinach, raw

Cauliflower                                Molasses                       Strawberries

Celery                                       Mushrooms                   Tangerines

Chard leaves                             Muskmelon                    Tomatoes

Cherries, sour                            Onions                          Watercress

Cucumbers                               Oranges Watermelon


* Recommended only for infants for whom mother’s milk is not available.  ** Not recommended – Rhubarb leaves an alkaline ash; however, it has other properties that are detrimental to the body.


Corn oil             Refined sugar               Corn syrup                    Olive oil



Bacon                                   Currants                        Pork

Barley                                    Eggs                            Prunes *

Beef                                       Flour, white                   Rice, brown

Blueberries                             Flour, whole wheat         Rice, white

Bran, wheat                            Haddock                       Salmon

Bran, oat                                Honey                           Sardines

Bread, white                           Lamb                            Sausage

Bread, whole wheat                Lentils, dried                 Scallops

Butter                                     Lobster                         Shrimp

Carob                                     Milk, cow’s *                  Spaghetti

Cheese                                   Macaroni                       Squash, winter

Chicken                                 Oatmeal                        Sunflower seeds

Codfish                                  Oysters                         Turkey

Corn                                      Peanut butter                Veal

Corned beef                           Peanuts                        Walnuts

Crackers, soda                       Peas, dried                   Wheat germ

Cranberries *                          Pike                              Yogurt

Plums *

* These foods leave an alkaline ash but have an acidifying effect on the body

Source: Dr. Ted Morter, JR., M.A. – Fell’s Health & Wellness

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