Reading the ‘Nutrition Facts Labels’

Fat Calories are Fatter –  How much Fat?

The FDA labeling laws make it much easier for consumers to assess the fats in food.  Fat content is now given by calories.  All you have to do is compare the total calories per serving with the fat calories.

The new Nutrition Facts label has to appear on all packaged food.  Don’t buy foods without it.  They are either illegal or have lain too long on the store shelf.

Look at the line near the top showing calories.  Divide the total calories (in this case 90) by the calories from fat (in this case 30).  If the answer is less than 5 (in this case it is 3), don’t buy the food.

An answer of 5 or more means that the food gets 20% or less of its calories from fat.  You should not eat any food more fatty.  In a diet of 2000 calories, that’s a maximum of 400 fat calories.  At 9 calories a gram, that’s 44 grams of total fat per day.  One double cheeseburger can contain 60 grams of fat, greasy evidence for a major source of American’s health problems.

Do not eat foods containing more than 20% fat calories.

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