World Record

Guinness Book of Records — 1990

Deirdre Rawlings, along with a group of non-climbers, orchestrated by Chris Darwin (great-great-grandson of the famous Charles), climbed Mt. Huascuaran, second highest mountain in the Peruvian Andes to partake in the highest dinner party in the world at 22,604ft (6,769 meters), and as a result created a ‘visual joke’ and gained a mention in the Guinness Book of Records. Chris Darwin had been inspired by the advice given to him at the age of 13 by his grandmother: “Chris, if you cannot be first, be peculiar”.


The Social Climbers

The struggle to host the world’s highest dinner party.

Most people have an adventure deep inside them – a secret urge to drive across a continent, sail an ocean, or climb a mountain.

The Social Climbers is a tale of one such dream. An absurdly ridiculous dream which, carried out with epic incompetence, became a ludicrous reality.

Led by Chris Darwin (great-great-grandson of the famous Charles), Deirdre Rawlings, together with a party of nine inspired amateurs, including a 62-year-old grandfather, set off for Peru to create a bizarre visual joke: the world’s highest dinner party. Only two had any mountaineering experience, yet they chose to host the dinner on the summit of Peru’s highest and most unpronounceable mountain, Huascuaran – at 22,604ft (6,769 meters).

They had been warned about terrorism, blizzards, avalanches, frostbite and altitude sickness. But no one could have predicted the real hardships they would face: loss of libido, a documentary crew led by an obsessed German philosopher, an absurd love triangle and chronic flatulence; nor could they have foreseen the litany of injuries and disasters that would befall the expedition: malaria, bronchitis, Guardia, hemorrhoids, a ripped shoulder, cracked ribs, hypothermia, pregnancy and a frozen bottle of red wine.

Scott of the Antarctic collides with Monty Python in one of the most extraordinary true stories ever told.

Deirdre near the summit… 22,000 feet and no oxygen bottle!


No need for an ice-bucket to keep the ‘champers’ cool!

Not the right place to do the splits!


Nothing like a 30 foot ice-wall to scale before breakfast…

The ‘Girls’ all dressed up for dinner… setting fashion trends at high altitude!

A top hat and tails affair!

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