Energizing Nutrients

Energizing Nutrients

fishoniceEssential Fatty Acids

  • Important for hormone balance
  • Formation and fluidity of the cell membrane
  • Helps with blood sugar regulation
  • Important for the process of creating energy in the cell and helps burn fat
  • Brain development and brain function

Omega 3

Omega 6

Omega 9

Saturated Fat

Fish/Fish oil

Flax Seed oil

Borage oil (GLA)

Evening primrose oil (GLA)

Black currant oil (GLA)

Hemp seeds/oil (GLA)

Nuts/seeds and vegetable oil (veg. not preferred

Olive oil



Animal fats

Coconut oil

Red palm oil

The Vital Roles of Saturated Fat

  • Cell Membranes – should be 50% saturated fatty acids – main type of fat in brain cells.
  • Bones – saturated fats help the body put calcium in the bones – makes bones strong
  • Heart Function – saturated fats are the preferred food for the heart – athletic performance, endurance
  • Liver – saturated fats protect the liver from alcohol & other poisons
  • Lungs – can’t function without saturated fats – protects against asthma
  • Kidneys – can’t function without saturated fats
  • Immune system – enhanced by saturated fats – fights infection
  • Essential fatty acids – work together with saturated fats – needed for brain function, healthy skin.

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