Flourless Chicken Pancakes

Flourless Chicken Pancakes

flourlessHere is a really simple, easy to make, and deliciously healthy recipe that’s one of my all time favorites. The best thing is it is gluten free, contains lean healthy protein, and brain building nutrients and is sure to stimulate your immune system and your neurotransmitters, plus it will provide you with energy. Enjoy!





  • 1 chicken breast precooked (season as desired while boiling)
  • 3 eggs
  • Mixed herbs of your choice

Using a food processor, blend ingredients together until completely smooth. Mixture will look just like thick pancake batter.

Use ¼ cup of the mixture and cook in hot greased skillet like a pancake. Batter may need to be spread out a bit so that it is not too thick.

These pancakes cook much faster than nut flour pancakes. Watch them closely. Makes 4-5 pancakes.

Serving Ideas: Add a side salad of your choice

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