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Energizing Nutrients

D-ribose (Corvalen): One nutrient which has been shown to play a highly beneficial adjunctive role in metabolic treatment of fibromyalgia is D-ribose.    D-ribose provides the structural foundation–the backbone if you will–of the energy compound adenosine triphosphate, or ATP.   ATP is the primary source of energy for all living cells and is made from ribose. In tissues facing the metabolic stress of low oxygen, dysfunctional mitochondria, or poor energy metabolism, as is the in case of fibromyalgia, ATP is broken down and the metabolic machinery used by the cell to recycle expended energy is disrupted.  When this happens, a series of reactions are undertaken by the cell to balance its energy reserves and preserve a sufficient volume of energy to maintain function.  These reactions ultimately lead to increased concentrations of metabolic by-products that must be recycled or removed.  Up to 90% of these metabolic by-products can be removed or salvaged, but if they are not recovered quickly they are washed out of the cell and are lost forever.  The loss of these by-products has the effect of draining the cell of energy, delaying or preventing both energy recovery and the functional recovery of affected tissue.

The process of salvaging energy by-products begins with D-ribose.  In fact, the process cannot continue without ribose available.  As long as enough ribose is available, the process of energy salvage goes smoothly and quickly but if ribose is not available in sufficient quantities, the process ceases to work and energy is lost.  Although the body makes ribose naturally, it does so only slowly and cannot keep pace with the demand.  Most tissues of the body, including hearts and muscles, lack the metabolic machinery to make ribose quickly.  For this reason, when tissues face severe energy stress, supplementing with ribose helps them keep energy in the cell so they can restore their energy balance.  

Just as with the salv age of energy compounds, ribose is needed to make new energy compounds.  The energy molecule ATP is made from ribose.  Beginning with ribose, the body goes through a number of metabolic reactions with ATP being the end result.  As with energy salvage, if there is not enough ribose in the cell the process of making ATP cannot proceed.  This explains why chronically stressed tissue, as in fibromyalgia, has such difficulty regaining its energy health.  Muscle cannot make ribose quickly, and the energy needs of muscle in fibromyalgia outpace the cell’s ability to supply the energy it needs.  Ribose supplementation helps the muscle speed the process of energy salvage and synthesis, restoring the energy balance of the tissue.  In this way, ribose is fundamental for maintaining the energy health of cells and tissues.  Ribose supplementation provides the metabolic support the body needs to bypass the slow process of natural ribose synthesis and stimulate the energy recovery in metabolically stressed muscle.  

For fibromyalgia, D-ribose works best when taken in five-gram doses (one rounded teaspoonful) three times per day with meals.  After approximately two to three weeks, or when you feel the benefit, you can cut back to five0gram doses two times per day.  Remember, ribose is metabolized by the body for energy synthesis and salvage.  It is not stored in the body for later use.  Therefore, if you stop taking ribose regularly, the benefits will be lost and your muscle will revert to tension, soreness, stiffness, and fatigue.  Energy is continually used by your body, and you must continue to support healthy energy metabolism.

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