Adrenal Saliva Test Kits

Adrenal Saliva Test Kit:

This test kit is used to assess cortisol and DHEA levels. This is a critical first step in understanding body imbalances that can often lead to many functional challenges that affect your overall health and wellness. Cortisol affects the heart, blood pressure, behavior, mood, neural activity, bone metabolism and calcium dynamics, water excretion, electrolyte balance, gastrointestinal tract, reproductive function, and a variety of central nervous system biochemical processes.

DHEA is the major precursor of testosterone and the estrogens. It becomes active at puberty and is an important modulator of many physiological processes. Depressed DHEA levels serve as early warning of potential adrenal exhaustion and an imbalance of sex hormones, which can result in dysfunctional mucosal immunity and could lead to an increased risk of infections and of adverse food reactions, to name a few.

The information obtained from salivary testing is used to make recommendations to allow the body to move into a state of balance from within.

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Test Kit Plus a Results Consultation — $215.00 — Free Shipping [Savings of $38.00]

Adrenal Saliva Test Kit PLUS:

This saliva test kit is the same as above PLUS Progesterone, Estradiol, Estriol, Melatonin, and Testosterone. This test profile is clinically indicated to evaluate an individual’s ability to adapt to environmental, mental, emotional, and physiological stressors, as well as your immune system health, sleep quality, skin regeneration, muscle and tissue function, bone health, and liver, pancreas and thyroid function.

Adrenal dysfunction may be associated with the following symptoms: excessive fatigue, chronic stress and related health problems, dizziness upon standing, weakness, hypoglycemia, nervousness, irritability, depression, inability to concentrate, confusion, poor memory, low blood pressure, insomnia, premenstrual tension, sweet cravings, headaches, alcohol intolerance, excessive hunger, alternating diarrhea and constipation, pain and spasms, poor resistance to infection, food and / or inhalant allergies, dyspepsia, tenderness in adrenal area, migraine headaches, low body temperature, and diminished sex drive.

Test Kit PLUS $209.00 — Free Shipping

Test Kit PLUS with a Results Consultation: $284.00 — Free Shipping [Savings of $38.00]

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