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Eating for Lowering Your Stress

Eating for Lowering Your Stress! 11 Tips to Help You Reduce Fibromyalgia  Symptoms ___________________________________________________________ Did you know that certain foods and eating habits can be serious stressors to the body?  It’s true!  Foods have an effect on stressed nerves and what you eat can influence how you manage that stress including how swiftly your body […]

The Use Of Adrenal Cortical Extracts In Adrenal Fatigue

The Use Of Adrenal Cortical Extracts In Adrenal FatigueBy James L. Wilson DC, ND, PhD Note: The information on this website is not a substitute for the advice of & treatment by a qualified professional. What Is Hypoadrenia and Adrenal Fatigue? “With our present partial knowledge of the function of the endocrine chain of glands, […]


Take Sleep to Heart

Insomnia and fatigue are now considered America’s top health problems. Researchers have identified lack of sleep as a cause of serious disorders ranging from diabetes to high stress levels. The results show that it is taking a huge toll on the quality of life — and the health — of millions. Sleeping only four hours […]

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Tips for Healthy Sleep

Ideally, you should wake up refreshed in the morning without the use of an alarm clock and feel energetic all day. If not you may find some good tips below. Sleep deprivation is a large proportion of the problem is due to the high paced lifestyle causing the lack of time to get the sleep […]

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Stress Management Activities for Evenings and Weekends

•  Listen to music that makes you feel good or reminds you of a joyous time in your life. • Take a time management course. • Clean or organize clutter. • Get more sleep. If you can’t sleep later in the morning, go to bed an hour earlier. • Learn how to meditate with a book, tape, […]


Stress Management Activities during the Workday

Incorporate short bursts of exercise and physical activity in your day. Take a stress management class at work or through your health plan. Incorporate deep breathing exercises throughout the day. Breathe in through the nose; breathe out through the moutn.  Make each breath last as long as possible. While at work – get up and […]

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Some Words About Stress

One of the most insidious factors that afflicts people is stress. Everyone who works, has children, commutes and basically lives in western industrialized societies is subject to it. Stress even controls a large part of our economy as evidenced by the endless ads for headache relief, antacids, laxatives, diarrhea aids, tranquilizers, stimulants and so on. […]

Rate your stress level

STRESS RATING  – STRESS SYMPTOM SCALE Rate the frequency that you experienced the items listed below in the past two weeks. 0 = Never 1 = Sometimes 2 = Often 3 = Very often Physical Symptoms Fatigue or tiredness ___ Pounding heart ___ Rapid pulse ___ Increased perspiration ___ Rapid breathing ___ Aching neck or shoulders ___ Low […]

Connecting stress to illness and what does this have to do with Fibromyalgia?

There is quite a lot of evidence to show that fibromyalgia may represent a primary disorder of the autonomic nervous system, making it stress related.  Many FM sufferers have a history of chronic overdoing which may manifest itself in fatigue and muscle pain.  This may reflect emotional and physical stress which often cause anxiety and […]


Emotional Stress Overload: Helping Yourself

Haven’t you ever seen a distraught person holding his head in his hands? Or when overcome by great surprise, how we often instinctively hit the forehead with our hand?  The body does not perform these instinctive acts by mistake On the skin of the forehead are located neurological “circus; breakers” which are associated with mental […]