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Goji berries Also known as wolfberry, desert thorn and matrimony vine, these berries are typically found in Asia and America. Goji berries have many interesting legends associated with them, particularly Chinese. What makes these so popular is that they can grow well in harsh weathers of both extremes and they can even survive desert type […]


Energizing Nutrients – D-ribose Corvalen

Energizing Nutrients D-ribose (Corvalen): One nutrient which has been shown to play a highly beneficial adjunctive role in metabolic treatment of fibromyalgia is D-ribose.    D-ribose provides the structural foundation–the backbone if you will–of the energy compound adenosine triphosphate, or ATP.   ATP is the primary source of energy for all living cells and is made from […]


Energizing Nutrients

Energizing Nutrients Essential Fatty Acids Important for hormone balance Formation and fluidity of the cell membrane Helps with blood sugar regulation Important for the process of creating energy in the cell and helps burn fat Brain development and brain function Omega 3 Omega 6 Omega 9 Saturated Fat Fish/Fish oil Flax Seed oil Borage oil […]


Avocado as Superfood

The following was excerpted in part from World’s Healthiest Foods ( Research by UCLA scientists specifies that Hass avocados inhibit the growth of prostate cancer. In a laboratory study published in the Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry, an extract of avocado inhibited the growth of both testosterone-dependent and independent prostate cancer cells. Hass avocados were found to contain the […]

Fruit and Nut Superfoods

Free radicals may sound a little like an extremist terrorist sect evading capture and wreaking havoc across the globe and in fact within the context of your body this would be right. They are, in part, a natural occurrence through metabolism however extra and unnecessary free radical load can be put on our bodies by […]

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Superfoods are calorie sparse yet nutrient dense foods found in nature. They are superior sources of essential nutrients – nutrients we need but cannot make ourselves. We all may be adding more salads and vegetables to our diets, but concern over the quality of foods grown on mineral depleted soils makes superfoods an intelligent choice. […]

Give Your Immune System a Boost using Herbals and Nature Remedies

Sixty-five years ago medical scientists promised us that infections caused by bacteria and others would be a thing of the past due to the new discovery of patented pharmaceutical drugs. This very brave statement was made and almost automatically more than half of the herbs recommended in the U.S. Pharmacopoeia were taken off to be […]


Fibromyalgia and Eating Foods High in Nutrient Density

One of the best ways to assess food’s value is to ask whether it has nutrient density.  The nutrient density of a food is the amount of vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, and protein it has relative to its caloric content.  The more nutrient-dense, the more health promoting a food is.  These are the foods […]


Fibromyalgia Food and Nutrition

People who suffer from fibromyalgia are plagued by persistent pain and chronic fatigue. These symptoms can make it difficult to shop for, prepare, and eat wholesome and nutritious meals. Nevertheless, a healthy diet is very important in helping people with fibromyalgia counteract stress, detoxify the body, and restore nutrients to the areas that need them […]