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Reading the ‘Nutrition Facts Labels’

Fat Calories are Fatter –  How much Fat? The FDA labeling laws make it much easier for consumers to assess the fats in food.  Fat content is now given by calories.  All you have to do is compare the total calories per serving with the fat calories. The new Nutrition Facts label has to appear […]

Healthy Eating Chart

The Healthy Eating chart provides the wonderful attributes of 50 of your favorite foods.

Glycemic Index Table

What is the Glycemic Index? The Glycemic index (GI) is a ranking of foods based on their potential to raise blood sugar levels.  The higher the GI of a food, the faster the resultant rise in blood sugar after eating it.  And the higher the GI, the higher the body’s insulin response tends to be.  […]

Food Mood Record

The food mood record helps track you daily diet and symptoms that you feel throughout the day….. 1.      Please write out your daily diet. Fill out a diet record for at least 10 to 14 days. Include portion size and any supplements or  medications. Include time of day. 2.      Additionally, record any symptoms you feel during […]

How to Calculate Your Body Mass Index (BMI)

The number you obtain for your BMI will tell you whether you are normal, overweight, or obese.  It is important that you know your BMI because overweight and obesity are serious risk factors for heart disease, stroke, and type-2 diabetes. However, calculating a BMI can be confusing because the formula uses meters for height and […]

Effects of common foods on the body’s acid/alkaline balance

Acid Foods Neutral Foods Alkaline Foods Avoid These                                     Eat These                             Always Eat These All antibiotics                                     Apples                                    Baking soda All fried foods                                    Apricots                                  Blackberries Artificial sweeteners                           Bananas                                   Broccoli Beef                                                  Beans – fresh & dried              Cantaloupe